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Photomotion is a company engaged in photography & videography services and photo studio rental. Starting from the hobby of the owner who likes to take pictures, Seno Haryo decided to develop his hobby and founded Photomotion in August 2005 by renting a photo studio located in Ruko Royal Palace, Tebet. In 2007, we decided to move to Kemang area and have our own photo studio until 2015. Now, Photomotion has a spacious private photo studio located at Jl. Berlian No.1, Bidara Cina, Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

Before being known as a photographer who had held an exhibition and earned a MURI record for the first Toy Photography Exhibition in Indonesia in 2011, Seno Haryo began to study photography through photography extracurricular at STIFOC (SMA 3 Photography Club) in 1995. In addition, he also took a photography course in Journal Art in 2003. In 2010, Seno began to take toy photography. The results of his work were displayed in various world exhibitions including the Gallery Art Showcase 2015 (Shangai), Star Wars Day 2015 (Singapore), Fringe Exhibition 8th DALI International Photography Festival 2019 (DALI), and many more.

Photomotion provides a variety of photo packages including wedding photography, prewedding photography, family/group/personal, maternity, baby & kids, corporate, product, to food photography. One of our advantages is providing conceptual prewedding photography services, which many photographers do not provide this package. Here, clients can determine their own concept of prewedding with a unique and anti-mainstream theme whose ideas can be taken from various aspects, such as hobbies and client work. We also rent out photo studios for photographers who don’t have a private studio yet.

Together with our team, we serve and capture your precious moments. In working we always use the best equipment and qualified skills to support our work processes and always had a professional attitude so that our quality is always awakened.


To the main choice in the field of photography and videography that featured the special uniqueness as well as supported by human resources that had the high dedication and always oriented towards customer’s satisfaction.


  • Gave the service that revered the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Always gave the service/product with the best quality.
  • Choose the professional employee & understood operational of company procedure.
  • Make an effort to always do the best.


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